Famous quotes of all time on your smartphone
Choose topics for the quotes including motivation, friendship, love, work, parenting and many others and get a new quote every day at a time you specify. Quotes arrive in the form of a beautiful photo that can be shared with your friends (ex: via a social network or messenger) or added as a favourite to create a personal collection of quotes.
Bewize app for iOS and Android
Bewize app is available on the App Store and Google Play.
Download and install the app to get access to the wisdom of centuries.
Bewize app
Bewize app delivers famous quotes to your smartphone in a form of subscription. Every day you get a new quote as a beautiful picture based on the topics or themes you've specified in the app - meaning of life, friendship and love, work, motivation and more (20+ different themes). Quotes can be saved as favourites or shared via social networks or messengers (Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, etc.). The first week of the app usage is complementary (a trial period), then you will need to activate a monthly subscription via Apple Store or Google Play Market.
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